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About Us

QUEST SYSTEMS has it’s production facility based in the UK and global sales and marketing based in Australia. We have a team of highly skilled engineers to manufacture our systems to the highest standard and with excellent aftersales.

Water sanitisers non chemical for use in swimming pools, water treatment works, recycling water in car washes, temples for purifying your feet and hands ,  government buildings , schools, offices military installations etc for the prevention of legionella.

Surface tactile pressure sensors for use measuring surface pressure on such items as wheelchair seats, equine saddles, car seat manufacture, office seating, hospital beds, mattress manufacturers etc.

Hand held security devices such as shop tags, wands, counter fit currency detectors.

Other products in our portfolio for use in oil rigs, drones, nuclear submarines, sonar buoys etc, please email us with any requests you may have.


Audio Products

High Power Class D Audio Amplifiers for use in PAGA  for use on oil rigs , coal mines , gold mines , ports , large industrial installations ,Professional Sound Reinforcement Systems, Cinema, Public Address and General Alarms,
Active speaker systems, Jukeboxes and Games Machines, Sound Systems, Hi-Fi Systems, Guitar Amplifiers, Home Theatre etc.

Security Products

Sensing Products, Security Documents and IT Products etc.

Military and Aerospace

  • Guided Missiles
  • Drone Aircrafts
  • Sonar Buoys
  • Sonar Systems

Queensland Semiconductor Technologies Leading Australia's Techology Revolution

What we Do

A UK based and owned Electronics Company. Situated in the heart of England we specialise in the design and manufacture of music system hardware

Our product range is built around our digital amplifier technology. This world beating technology produces amplifiers that are half the size of traditional amplifiers with lowest carbon footprint and lowest cost of ownership. Our amplifiers are used by UK High Street fashion retailers, UK supermarkets and numerous bars and restaurants. To complement our exclusive amplifier technology we have a range of innovative speaker products that can be installed into any known ceiling structure.

Key features of our music system products are:

If you want a 21st century music system, then don't hesitate, contact us now:



A UK based and owned Electronics Company. Situated in the heart of England we specialise in the design and manufacture of power handling and detection products.


Key features of our amplifier products are:

  • Small and compact
  • Lightweight
  • High efficiency – up to 90%
  • Engineered for a warm “natural” valve like sound

Research and Development

QUEST has a successful track record of working with all sizes of organisations from start-ups to large scale multinational companies. 

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