Semefab chips in demand

Chinese manufacturers of non-contact temperature sensors come to Semefab to provide chips.

Questsensors sister company, Semefab,  has been supplying chips into the China market for CCTV cameras and Passive Infra Red (PIR) Sensors for energy-saving security lighting for more than 15 years and has built up an excellent reputation as a cost-effective supplier of high-performance silicon products. So, it understandable that several Chinese manufacturers of non-contact temperature sensors have recently come to Semefab to provide the chips. Local manufacturers of these sensors in China have been overwhelmed by the demand and so, over the past 10 days, Semefab has received initial inquiries from 4 customers for a total of 2.5M non-contact temperature measuring chips – the technical name for them is Thermopile – with an additional 2 customers now bringing the total to 8.2M.

This level of activity will take our 2 Pegasus Deep Reactive Ion Etch systems to full capacity with 24/7 shifts being arranged.

The old-fashioned bulb thermometer is not used any more, especially with something like Coronavirus, where it could actually spread infection if not properly sterilised after each use.

It is great that we can help to be part of the solution in beating the virus.

Allan James, Managing Director

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